AI is revolutionizing neuromarketing

AI is revolutionizing neuromarketing on @venturebeat  #INBOUND17 #ai #ml

  • In recent years, AI has offered a huge boost to neuromarketing — the science of reading consumers’ minds to gauge their reactions to marketing stimuli.
  • When combined with AI-based facial recognition, biometric insights can offer even more accurate data about consumers’ responses to marketing messaging.
  • IBM’s Watson — the company’s computer system that answers questions delivered in natural language — doesn’t use biometric data to gauge the excitement at an event.
  • What makes these methods more than merely interesting is the fact that they provide the means to obtain data about consumers’ emotional reactions in real time and adjust marketing messages accordingly.
  • Once AI is fully adopted in neuromarketing processes, marketers will have the ability to call on consumers to crowdsource their marketing campaigns without the fear of collecting unreliable data.

An unfortunate fact about humanity is that people lie. While this is a chronic issue for human relations, it’s one that may be less of an issue for marketers of the future, thanks to non-human intervention.
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