Medicine in the Age of AI

Medicine in the Age of AI
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  • I have not seen any significant use of AI in my own clinical practice during my time in Boston, but exciting developments in the last two years hold much promise.
  • One of the potential benefits when integrating AI into medical practice is improvement of clinical decision making and diagnosis.
  • The concept of using AI to provide clinical decision support systems for physicians has been studied in some medical specialties with varying degrees of effectiveness.
  • Comparisons between the paradigms of machine learning based, knowledge based, and hybrid methods have not yielded a clear model on how AI best uses clinical data to arrive at a diagnosis.
  • There is promise that Deep Learning methodology will allow for AI to train much like a medical resident does through a large data set of disease presentations.

A discussion on Dr. Michael Forsting’s article “Machine Learning Will Change Medicine” in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.
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