The Science of AI and the Art of Social Responsibility

The @HuffingtonPost take a look at the science of #AI and the art of social responsibility:

  • But the transformational nature of artificial intelligence requires new metrics of success for our profession.
  • This year alone at least 1 billion people will be touched in some way by artificial intelligence, which is transforming everything from financial services to transportation, energy, education and retail.
  • And why IBM is a founding member of the Partnership on AI, a collaboration among Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and many scientific and nonprofit organizations charged with guiding the development of artificial intelligence to the benefit of society.
  • Opportunity: Developers of AI applications should accept the responsibility of enabling students, workers and citizens to take advantage of every opportunity in the new economy powered by cognitive systems.
  • They should help them acquire the skills and knowledge to engage safely, securely and effectively in a relationship with cognitive systems, and to perform the new kinds of work and jobs that will emerge in a cognitive economy.

By Guru Banavar, IBM’s Chief Science Officer for Cognitive Computing
I am a computer scientist and engineer, inspired by the art of the possible an…
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DeepMind and Blizzard team up to release API aimed at #AI enhancement  #gamedev

  • DeepMind has been using games to teach AI agents how to function in complex and sometimes unpredictable situations for a while now.
  • Booz Allen Hamilton – San Antonio, Texas, United States [11.04.16] Lead Game Developer
  • The company plans to make the interface available to AI researchers and developers next year.
  • Eyestorm Productions – Los Angeles, California, United States [11.04.16] Lead HTML 5 Developer
  • Blizzard’s release of the API will open the field for programmers to create and train their own AI agents to play StarCraft II .

What’s next for Google’s DeepMind AI system after mastering Atari 2600 games and defeating expert level Go players? The APM-driven and sometimes chaotic multiplayer of StarCraft II.
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