Facebook Training AI Bots to Negotiate with Humans – News Center

See how Facebook used #GPUs + #AI to train bots to negotiate and compromise with humans.

  • In a new blog post, Facebook explains how existing chatbots can hold short conversations and perform simple tasks such as booking a restaurant – but building machines that can hold meaningful conversations with people is challenging because it requires a bot to combine its understanding of the conversation with its knowledge of the world, and then produce a new sentence that helps it achieve its goals.
  • To help build their training set, the team created an interface with multi-issue bargaining scenarios and crowdsourced humans on Amazon Mechanical Turk to negotiate in natural language to divide a random set of objects.
  • The models were trained end-to-end from the language and decisions that humans made, meaning that the approach can easily be adapted to other tasks.
  • Reinforcement learning was then used to reward the model when it achieved a good outcome which prevents the AI bot from developing its own language.
  • In their experiments, majority of the people didn’t know they were talking to a bot and FAIR’s best reinforcement learning negotiation agent matched the performance of human negotiators – achieving better deals about as often as worse deals.

Researchers at Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR) published a paper introducing AI-based dialog agents that can negotiate and compromise.
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Google’s art machine just wrote its first song

Google's art machine just wrote its first song

  • 1:45 PM WWDC 2016 will kick off on June 13th at 10AM PT
  • 4:43 AM Watch Jonney Shih announce Asus’ MacBook killer
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  • 4:00 AM ‘s how the Asus ZenBook 3 looks next to the MacBook
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@verge: “Google’s art machine just wrote its first song”

Today, Google’s newest machine learning project released its first piece of generated art, a 90-second piano melody created through a trained neural network, provided with just four notes up front….

Google’s art machine just wrote its first song