Partner Opportunities in Data Security


  • Additionally, we announced a new promotion specifically for partners reselling our Data Security solutions.
  • Informatica offers solutions to help partners help their customers with both “Detect” (Discovery and Classification) and “Protect” (Data Masking, Encryption or other 3rd party tools)

    Best of all, Informatica is relying on you, our partners, to drive this strategy within our joint customer base.

  • Additionally, on the May Partner Pulse Webcast, we launched our Data Security Promotion for partners!
  • This includes additional front-end and back-end margin and rebates for partners who identify and close data security opportunities.
  • You can listen to the replay of this webcast here and get the details of our Data Security promotion and solution portfolio on PARC, our partner portal.

Partner Opportunities in Data Security- We’ve got the enablement materials, sales tools and marketing programs to help get you started.
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