Deep Learning in Clojure with Cortex

Deep Learning in Clojure With Cortex

  • The training data consists of 25,000 images of cats and dogs.
  • It reads in the external nippy file that contains the trained network description, takes a random image from the testing directory, and classifies it.
  • We want all the dog images to be under a “dog” directory and the cat images under the “cat” directory so that the all the indexed images under them have the correct “label”.
  • How many times it thought a cat was really a cat and how many times it got it wrong.
  • We need all the images to be the same size as well as in a directory structure that is split up into the training and test images.

There is an awesome new Clojure-first machine learning library called Cortex that was open sourced recently. I’ve been exploring it lately and …
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