Microsoft Ventures out to Democratize AI

Microsoft Ventures out to Democratize AI  #AI #Microsoft

  • Launched in early 2016, Element AI enables organizations to develop their own AI solutions by implementing an “AI-First” strategy.
  • “Microsoft is committed to democratizing AI with guiding principles to drive positive impact.
  • Element AI, a Canada-based AI incubator, was the first recipient of funding from this new fund.
  • Element AI shares our approach and philosophy.”
  • “We all know ‘You’re only as good as your tools’ and now Element AI is getting supercharged with Microsoft Ventures,” says Jean-François Gagné, CEO, Element AI. “

Microsoft is taking big steps to make its mark in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) sector.
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The Partnership On AI Is What We Need

Why The #PartnershipOnAI Is What We Need @BigCloudTeam  #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #TechNews

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  • It’s important to stop deliberating if AI is inherently good or evil and focus on the values, aims and beliefs of the companies and individuals working on this technology.
  • Too often we get caught up in the rhetoric of whether AI is good or bad, and not how humans and AI can work together.
  • It’s undeniable that AI is set to change the way the world works, so it’s a good thing to see companies prioritizing progress before competition and coming together to form this partnership.
  • The partnership is much more than diffusing public concerns.

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