Now Is the Time to Ban Terminator-Like Robots

  • The moment we have AGIs the man in the middle will not be a man, but you will not be able to prove it any law preventing it is unenforceable.
  • Now Is the Time to Ban Terminator-Like Robots
  • And it is likely that robots will be better at applying the most straightforward laws of war than humans have proven to be.
  • But we are collectively responsible for considering these moral questions and deciding whether we want this technology to be used in war.
  • The decision to take a human life is a moral one, and a machine can only mimic moral decisions, not actually consider the implications of its actions.

The United States has on its Aegis-class cruisers a defense system that can track and destroy anti-ship missiles and aircraft. Israel has developed a drone, the Harpy, that can detect and automatically destroy radar emitters. South Korea has security-guard robots on its border with North Korea that can kill humans.
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