Using AI to help aging populations live better — microbiome may be the key

Using #AI to help Aging Populations Live Better  @UCSDnews  #IBMResearch

  • To help us do so, UC San Diego is launching a collaboration with IBM Research to enhance quality of life and independence for aging populations.
  • The new Artificial Intelligence for Healthy Living Center (AIHL), located on our La Jolla campus, will combine the technology, cognitive and life sciences strengths of IBM and UC San Diego.
  • At UC San Diego, we’re bringing together top researchers from across our campus including computer science and engineering, the San Diego Super Computer Center, cognitive science, the Center for Microbiome Innovation, medicine including psychiatry, and the Qualcomm Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology.
  • Hands-on research experience with UC San Diego and IBM scientists will be complemented by jointly taught classes and seminars, and will showcase opportunities for trainee and faculty projects.
  • This project is supporting 15 UC San Diego faculty members, along with 46 students, postdocs and research staff.

UC San Diego and IBM Research will use AI to study the impact of genetics and the human microbiome on the cognition of older adults.
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This robot ‘ageing companion’ is like an Alexa for the elderly

This AI robot companion wants to keep old people company

  • Béhar says that while the robot can’t replace human interaction, it can offer a companion to elderly people living alone.
  • Tech startup Intuition Robotics unveiled an artificial intelligence-based robot companion that aims to improve the quality of life of elderly people on Wednesday.
  • AI Robot Companion Wants to Keep Old People Company
  • ElliQ is an “active aging companion” aimed at making elderly people feel less lonely.
  • “The idea of having a robot companion is quite dystopian, especially for older generations,” said Yves Béhar, CEO of Fuseproject-a design studio that collaborated with Intuition Robotics on the ElliQ.

The ElliQ is a voice-activated, AI-based companion for the elderly.
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