Data science startups focus on AI-enabled efficiency

#DataScience #startups focus on #AI-enabled efficiency 
by @OReillyMedia @TheAIConf

  • In the ‘90s it was the Web, followed quickly by SaaS, mobility, clouds, data, and now AI.
  • Big data gave clouds something to do.
  • And AI is a set of algorithms that make sense of that big data, teasing threads of gold from the digital hay.
  • From a field of applicants, our panel winnowed the list down to 10 finalists, and then a combination of on-site judges and audience voting helped us pick the winners:

    These four companies underscore the unbroken link between on-demand computing, big data, and machine learning.

  • Full disclosure: Alistair Croll is a board member of Repable; he recused himself from the voting and selection process involving the company during the showcase.

Recapping winners of the Strata San Jose Startup Showcase.
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