Are Robots the Future of Customer Engagement?

Are #Robots the Future of Customer Engagement?
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  • Most brands are smarter than Microsoft to publicly release their bots before all the kinks are worked out, but this shows that brands are pushing to use this new technology.
  • Chatbots, better known as bots , are computer programs that conduct a conversation with auditory and/or textual methods.
  • Bots that operate with rules have limited capabilities and can only respond to specific commands, meaning if you venture into a topic outside the guidelines they won’t know how to respond.
  • As Bots allow consumers to instantly interact with the world around them through conversation, the day will soon come when people will want to engage with a brand’s bot.
  • Jeff Lesser, Twitter’s Head of Social Customer Service, at the recent Corporate Social Media Summit New York said that customer service is the top reason why people follow brands on Twitter.


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Zeta – Next Gen Enterprise Architecture

Zeta – Next Gen Enterprise Architecture | #MachineLearning #Business #RT

  • Solution Architecture – focuses on solving specific business problems, and combines one or more applications built to deliver the complete solution.
  • There are several benefits to implementing a Zeta Architecture in your organization
  • We determined that we would have significantly more agility by implementing the Zeta Architecture with MapR, which will allow us to better serve customers in a more real-time and cost-effective way.”
  • Strata Barcelona: 6/5/2015 “Using the Zeta Architecture: To become a hero” View
  • Zeta Architecture: Hexagon is the new circle Read

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