Insurtech is targeting the back office

#Insurtech is targeting the #backoffice

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  • Now, however, back offices are beginning to benefit, according to a study from Startupbootcamp InsurTech and PwC to be published today.
  • Here are some of the study’s main findings:

    However, a big barrier still stands in the way of insurtechs realizing their full potential.

  • But Startupbootcamp and PwC’s study found that only 17% of incumbents think they’re good at collaborating with insurtechs, and that many startups find such partnerships “frustrating” and slow.
  • Until this obstacle is overcome, insurtechs might struggle to become indispensable partners for legacy players, regardless of the complexity of the problems they decide to tackle.
  • Sarah Kocianski, senior research analyst for BI Intelligence, Business Insider’s premium research service, has compiled a detailed report on insurtechs that:

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