5 essential #TEDtalks on the #FutureOfWork  
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  • As inventors rush to create mind-blowing bits of kit that have the power to transform our daily lives forever, is there anyone out there pausing to think about the real impacts of technology on our lives, our psyches and our society?
  • In the following TED talks, you’ll be able to navigate all the possibilities, and equip yourself with wisdom that will carry you through the changes.
  • Apart from a paycheck, there are intangible values that, Barry Schwartz suggests, our current way of thinking about work simply ignores.
  • Lisa Gansky, author of “The Mesh,” talks about a future of business that’s about sharing all kinds of stuff, either via smart and tech-enabled rental or, more boldly, peer-to-peer.
  • In this talk about the future of work, economist David Autor addresses the question of why there are still so many jobs and comes up with a surprising, hopeful answer.

5 TED talks for anyone interested in the changing work landscape
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The Power of Artificial Intelligence is to Make Better Decisions

The Power of Artificial Intelligence is to Make Better Decisions —@byronreese @gigaom #AI

  • According to Accenture, AI will define future customer experience .
  • “The power of AI is the power to make better decisions.
  • Reese shared a historical example of AI and whether AI should be used to make decision.
  • If AI has the power to make better decisions, then any business that has to make decisions, will be able to make more informed and fast decisions.
  • Reese notes that AI in business is really heating up.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the new UI, according to Accenture’s Technology Vision 2017 report, identifying trends that are essential to business suc…
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Machine Learning 101— Supervised Learning – Shaden Mar’i – Medium

Machine Learning — Supervised Learning.  #BigData #MachineLearning #DataScience #AI

  • Model training using the data set
  • Data sets hold the data which will be used in training your models, whereas, test sets hold the data which you will be using to test and evaluate your models.
  • Data sets join and data wrangling
  • The Restaurant ratings data set along with the customer and Restaurants data set are all used in training the matchbox recommendation model.
  • I have trained my model using the restaurant ratings data sets along with two more data sets; the Restaurant customers and restaurants data sets.

Machine learning is basically teaching computers to solve big problems based on either example data or past experiences. Example data, is purely unlabeled, with unknown and undetected structure. Your…
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From big data to human-level artificial intelligence

From #BigData to human-level artificial intelligence #AI |

  • Doug Cutting, Tom White, and Ben Lorica explore Hadoop’s role over the coming decade.
  • Watch the full version of this keynote on Safari .
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  • How sensors, fast networks, AI, and distributed computing are affecting the data landscape
  • This is a keynote highlight from Strata + Hadoop World in New York 2016.

What explains the gap between what machines do well and what people do well? And what needs to happen before machines can match the flexibility and power of human cognition?
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Automotive Technology Solutions Overview

  • Now we can successfully train a CNN to operate on NVIDIA DRIVE PX and understand the contextual rules-of-engagement between a vehicle and the road.
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  • Giving Cars the Power to See, Think, and Learn
  • Driverless cars in the first global autonomous motorsports competition, Roborace Championship, will be powered by the NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 AI supercomputers.

Paving the way for autonomous cars, NVIDIA DRIVE car computers helps cars see, think, and learn.
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Why a Flextronics Subsidiary Just Bought a Machine Learning Startup

Why a Flextronics Subsidiary Just Bought a #MachineLearning Startup

  • The company’s trackers are designed to lower a solar project owner’s costs and boost its energy output.
  • NEXTracker has been growing rapidly since its acquisition by Flextronics, and now the company has over four gigawatts worth of its trackers operating around the world.
  • The trackers are generally used on large solar panel farms in remote locations that sell their power to utilities or large companies.
  • Electronics giant Flextronics, through its solar gear subsidiary NEXTracker, has acquired a young startup called BrightBox Technologies, which builds predictive modeling and machine learning software, the companies announced late on Monday.
  • NEXTracker will use the company’s software-and the co-founders’ brainpower-to optimize the development and operation of its solar tracking systems around the world.

It’s all about solar energy.
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Smart Cities Improve The Health Of Their Citizens

#smartcities Improve The Health Of The Citizens

#AI #MachineLearning #bigdata #IoT #fintech

  • “Each and every one of us has a purpose in this world that is endowed upon us from a power greater than ourselves.”
  • Quote of the Day
  • Laverne Cox

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@andi_staub: “#smartcities Improve The Health Of The Citizens

#AI #MachineLearning #bigdata #IoT #fintech”

Smart cities hold the promise to potentially make urban areas more efficient, more secure, and even more, um, health conscious?

Smart Cities Improve The Health Of Their Citizens