Canada ‘lost the lead’ on artificial intelligence. Here’s how Toronto will get it back

We're proud to welcome Canada's new #AI leader Vector Institute to MaRS!

  • The Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence, made possible by funding from the federal government revealed in the 2017 budget, will move into new digs in the MaRS Discovery District by the end of the year.
  • Vector’s funding comes partially from a $125 million investment announced in last Wednesday’s federal budget to launch a pan-Canadian artificial intelligence strategy, with similar institutes being established in Montreal and Edmonton.
  • [A.I.] cuts across pretty well every sector of the economy,” said Dr. Alan Bernstein, CEO and president of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, the organization tasked with administering the federal program.
  • Critical to the strategy’s success is building a homegrown base of A.I. experts and innovators — a problem in the last decade, despite pioneering work on so-called “Deep Learning” by Canadian scholars such as Yoshua Bengio and Geoffrey Hinton, a former University of Toronto professor who will now serve as Vector’s chief scientific advisor.
  • The hope is that investment from the government and from companies will continue to grow into the future, giving Toronto and Canada a chance to retake “dominance” in what Clark describes as “the most significant technological change over the next twenty years.”

Thanks to a cash infusion from two levels of government and the private sector, Toronto and Canada are back in the ring to re-take “dominance” in artificial intelligence.
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