AI Revolution

#AI revolution: 20 key business findings #CIO #CMO

  • To better understand the AI revolution in business, Salesforce Research compiled insights from previous studies, capturing input from 10,800 respondents from sales, services and marketing leaders and 7,000 consumers and business buyers around the globe.
  • AI steps into the business strategy spotlight: while a minority of businesses currently use AI, interest in the technology (machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, smart data discovery, etc) is pervasive and planned adoption is strong.
  • AI use cases span sales, service, and marketing: AI has the potential to become as ubiquitous as electricity or cloud computing.
  • All lines of business are starting to view AI as technology that can improve customer engagement, improve employee productivity and ultimately accelerate digital transformation and business growth (revenue).
  • The power of AI is the ability to gain more knowledge from data, and to augment sales, service and marketing intelligence to help accelerate and bolster a company’s ability to improve stakeholder (employees, partners and customers) performance and experience.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) could double annual economic growth rates by 2035. – Accenture
According to Accenture, In five years, more than half …
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Apple is expanding its Seattle offices to focus on AI and machine learning

Apple is expanding its Seattle offices to focus on AI and machine learning

  • Which is why it makes sense that Apple has announced it’s expanding its offices in Seattle, where much of its AI and machine learning work is done.
  • Last August, Apple even bought a Seattle-based machine learning and artificial intelligence startup named Turi for an estimated $200 million, and the team is said to be moving into Apple’s offices at Two Union Square as part of the expansion.
  • Carlos Guestrin, a University of Washington professor, former Turi CEO, and now director of machine learning at Apple, told GeekWire: “There’s a great opportunity for AI in Seattle.”
  • He added: “We’re trying to find the best people who are excited about AI and machine learning — excited about research and thinking long term but also bringing those ideas into products that impact and delight our customers.”
  • As part of the news, the University of Washington also announced a $1 million endowed professorship in AI and machine learning named after Guesterin.

In many ways, the tech world’s AI arms race is really a fight for talent. Skilled engineers are in short supply, and Silicon Valley’s biggest companies are competing to nab the best minds from…
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How businesses are using AI: An interactive guide

77% of companies using #cognitive tech and #AI use them to innovate products and services.

  • The organizations already apply cognitive technology to accomplish targeted business goals
  • We looked closely at a subset of advanced users – organizations using two or more cognitive technologies for at least one year.
  • We surveyed 600 early adopters of cognitive technologies and wanted to share our learnings through an interactive visual .
  • How businesses are using AI: An interactive guide
  • Many of the advanced users are embedding a full spectrum of AI technologies – including machine learning, natural language processing and more – into their processes and products.

Today’s most advanced cognitive technology users offer a glimpse into the possibilities and tangible benefits of creating intelligent businesses.
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Conversations on AI – Conversations on AI

Exploring the next frontier in computing, see our vision for the future of #AI:

  • Microsoft Translator is making the language barrier a thing of the past.
  • Last month, Microsoft became the first in the industry to reach parity with humans in speech recognition .
  • “Across several industry benchmarks, our computer vision algorithms have surpassed others in the industry – even humans,” said Harry Shum, executive vice president of Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Research group, at a small gathering on AI in San Francisco on Dec. 13. “
  • Using this new intelligent language and speech recognition capability, Microsoft Translator can now simultaneously translate between groups speaking multiple languages in-person, in real-time, connecting people and overcoming barriers.
  • There’s also been groundbreaking work with Skype Translator – now available in 9 languages – an example of accelerating the pipeline from research to product.

Microsoft has been investing in the promise of artificial intelligence for more than 25 years — and this vision is coming to life with new chatbot Zo, Cortana Devices SDK and Skills Kit, and expansion of intelligence tools.
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Deep Learning Startup ebo Makes Gift Giving Smarter

GPU-accelerated #deeplearning from @ebobox startup provides smarter gift-giving.

  • When ebo has its own users, it will phase out the survey data and retrain its neural networks based on the information they enter and on how well presents were received.
  • Ebo uses deep learning to find connections between user preferences and products that wouldn’t be obvious to a human shopper.
  • ebo box , a San Jose-based startup, says it can help find gifts for even the most perplexing recipients by learning about the gift-givers and recipients, and combining that with data it’s collected about general user preferences in the market.
  • , as more people answer survey questions, the company periodically retrains its neural network to reflect the added information.
  • GPU-accelerated deep learning promises to wrap up gift-giving faster than the time it takes to drive to the mall.

GPU-accelerated deep learning promises to wrap up gift-giving faster than the time it takes to drive to the mall.
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How Salesforce Is Bringing AI to the Channel

#AI Is Becoming a Reality for the Channel

  • How Salesforce Is Bringing AI to the Channel
  • While vendors are likely to embrace artificial intelligence capabilities with enthusiasm, it will only be a matter of time before AI technologies start to cut both ways in the channel.
  • Channel partners will be able to employ Einstein to instantly identify what combination of products and services will, for example, yield the most profit for them.
  • The future of the channel might very well be defined as a contest between competing algorithms.
  • Instead of a PRM application, there will inevitably be a vendor relationship management (VRM) application infused with AI capabilities.

A new instance of Salesforce’s PRM software delivered as a service integrates the company’s Einstein AI engine and aims to transform how channels are managed.
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Real-Time Digital Advertising That Works

Say hello to your new #marketing team:  | #MarTech #AI

  • Forrester Report: As Paid Search Evolves, Marketers Must Too
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  • Our state-of-the-art machine algorithms continuously learn from new data, driving $22B in sales.

Criteo’s state-of-the-art technology transforms digital advertising into a personal experience that drives better results.
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Apple buys Tuplejump, makers of FiloDB

Apple purchased a small company that specializes in advanced artificial intelligence

  • Apple just bought another company to make Siri better
  • Apple has bought Tuplejump, a machine learning…
  • Apple continues to buy companies with machine learning expertise.
  • ” Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.”
  • Apple confirmed the purchase to TechCrunch with its standard non-denial.Â

Apple has bought Tuplejump, a small machine learning technology company with operations in both India and the United States.
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Top Ten Intel® Software Developer Stories

What is #MachineLearning and why should you care? It’s everywhere, including the Top Ten:

  • Learn about specific performance problems related to these new technologies.
  • From code samples to how-to guides, we gather the most popular software developer stories in one place each month so you don’t miss a thing.
  • The article explains the various types of machine learning and provides additional resources to get you started.
  • When you add something to your cart in Amazon and see a list of other recommended products that you might also like-that’s an example of machine learning.
  • Learn about the IoT ecosystem, which consists of a broad set of technologies with a common thread of manageability and security.

When you add something to your cart in Amazon and see a list of other recommended products that you might also like—that’s an example of machine learning. This article explains the various types of machine learning and provides additional resources to get you started.
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