Practical Deep Learning For Coders—18 hours of lessons for free

Practical #DeepLearning For Coders—18 hours of lessons for free

  • After this course, I cannot ignore the new developments in deep learning—I will devote one third of my machine learning course to the subject.
  • I’m a CEO, not a coder, so the idea that I’d be able to create a GPU deep learning server in the cloud meant learning a lot of new things—but with all the help on the wiki and from the instructors and community on the forum I did it!
  • Sometimes I feared whether I would be able to solve any deep learning problems, as all the research papers I read were very mathy beyond reach of simple intuitive terms.
  • But Jeremy and Rachel (Course Professors) believe in the theory of ‘Simple is Powerful’, by virtue of which anyone who takes this course will be able to confidently understand the simple techniques behind the ‘magic’ Deep Learning.
  • The course exceeded my expectations and showed me first hand how both Deep Learning and ourselves could change the world for better.’s practical deep learning MOOC for coders. Learn CNNs, RNNs, computer vision, NLP, recommendation systems, keras, theano, and much more! neural networks!

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