Python Code, book & more: Reinforcement Learning  #DataScience #machinelearning #deeplearning

  • The repository provides code, exercises and solutions for popular Reinforcement Learning algorithms.
  • All code is written in Python 3 and uses RL environments from OpenAI Gym .
  • Exercises and Solutions to accompany Sutton’s Book and David Silver’s course.
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  • In addition to exercises and solution, each folder also contains a list of learning goals, a brief concept summary, and links to the relevant readings.

reinforcement-learning – Implementation of Reinforcement Learning Algorithms. Python, OpenAI Gym, Tensorflow. Exercises and Solutions to accompany Sutton’s Book and David Silver’s course.
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Messing around with OpenAI Gym – craftworkz

Ever heard of @OpenAI? We did some research...  #ai #openai #ArtificialIntelligence

  • OpenAI Gym is a cool platform for anybody involved with reinforcement learning algorithms.
  • To be clear, OpenAI Gym doesn’t power any algorithms itself, leaving it up to more specialised packages like TensorFlow or Theano.
  • The platform will allow you to test your algorithms in a variety of different environments without having to go through the hassle of making the right inputs available to your algorithm.
  • Data scientist at Craftworkz designing chatbots and developing robotics applications
  • That’s right, you can test the performance of your reinforcement learning algorithms on a variety of different atari games and what’s more, you can automatically upload the performance of your algorithms and compare them to other people’s approaches.

So while I was looking around for interesting Python-based AI projects I came across OpenAI Gym, backed by mister Elon Musk himself. This application aims to provide the ultimate sandbox environment…
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