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Let's talk about machine learning in bookmaking for a minute. #fansunitetoken

  • Smart bettors quickly take advantage and the bookmaker shifts the line to equivalate betting volume on either side of a matchup.Similarly, high variance in opinion when the data between two teams is very similar can often lead to poor lines.
  • By polling the crowd with low limits to start, Pinnacle can often limit exposure on early lines and avoid getting picked off on markets by sharp bettors.This novel method of polling the crowd drives lines globally, and it’s no surprise that the default action for almost every sportsbook is to…
  • To produce lines we will use an ensemble of best in class Deep Learning networks, alongside other more common approaches to shape a line up to 24 hours before current markets take shape.At, the world’s preeminent social token betting platform, we have been actively shaping our risk management strategy…
  • We offer an industry leading 1% margin and will maintain a winners welcome philosophy.The Value to the Betting CustomerOur automated machine approach to setting lines offers the following core value to our customers.Savings we can pass on to our bettors.
  • By using Machine Learning, we can offer real time In-Play betting markets to our amazing customers.Stable Currency: Solid lines offer big rewards to currency and token holders by ensuring that the coin base is not drained by sophisticated traders and demand remains strong for our low margin lines.

Machine Learning is becoming a standard tool of the sports betting industry. At we are keenly aware of this technology and actively incorporating it into our risk management strategy…
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Mapping global fishing activity with machine learning

  • Global Fishing Watch combines cloud computing technology with satellite data to provide the world’s first global view of commercial fishing activities.
  • Today, Global Fishing Watch is an early preview of what is possible.
  • Indonesia’s Minister of Fisheries and Marine Affairs, Susi Pudjiastuti, has committed to making the government’s Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) public in Global Fishing Watch in 2017.
  • Global Fishing Watch was not possible five years ago.
  • Bali Seafood, the largest exporter of snapper from Indonesia, has teamed up with Pelagic Data Systems, manufacturers of cellular and solar powered tracking devices to bring the same transparency for small scale and artisanal fishing vessels, into Global Fishing Watch as part of a pilot program.

Global Fishing Watch is a free, simple, online platform that gives anyone, anywhere, a way to to visualize, track, and share information about fishing activity worldwide.
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How does human behavior influence the work place ? – Thoughts by StatusToday

Discover 7 dangerous ways #human behaviour influences your company  #infographic #AI

  • StatusToday is an Employee Insights Platform to ensure security, engagement and productivity, through patent-pending AI that understands human behavior.
  • Our technology offers a simple way to understand your employees and enable you to reach your key business objectives.
  • The AI-driven solution has been proven to streamline risk management and supplement leadership in business settings.
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The AI-driven solution has been proven to streamline risk management and supplement leadership in business settings. Our technology offers…
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