The Self-Driving Project That Could Help China Leapfrog the West

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  • One of Baidu’s experimental self-driving

    The CEO of Baidu, Robin Li, arrived at his company’s first AI developer conference, held in Beijing this week, in a vehicle that has the potential to reshape the world of self-driving cars.

  • The vehicle was controlled using software that Baidu (50 Smartest Companies 2017) plans to offer for free in the coming years through a project called Apollo.
  • The Apollo platform consists of a core software stack, a number of cloud services, and self-driving vehicle hardware such as GPS, cameras, lidar, and radar.
  • Dawen Zhou, Apollo’s principle product manager, explained that the simulation platform being developed by Baidu would be used to test the code and also to train self-driving algorithms.
  • Since lots of real-world driving data is vital for the continued improvement for Baidu’s self-driving technology, one of the biggest benefits of opening up the Apollo platform is the data Baidu can receive from its partners.

Baidu opens up its software, a stark departure from the normally secretive world of commercial AI development.
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Robot Cars Can Learn to Drive without Leaving the Garage

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  • The researchers tested their system on new images and found that it could discern road features fairly accurately.
  • I am the senior editor for AI at MIT Technology Review .
  • Some video games are now so visually realistic that they can let a computer vision learn about the real world (see ” Self-Driving Cars Can Learn a Lot by Playing Grand Theft Auto “).
  • Researchers at Princeton University recently developed a computer vision and mapping system that gathered useful information about the physical properties of roads by studying Google Street View and comparing the scenes to the information provided in open-source mapping data.
  • The researchers trained their system using 150,000 Street View panoramas.

Playing video games and surfing Google Street View can teach software a lot about driving.
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