AppNext Actions brings Facebook Messenger-like suggestions to every app

AppNext Actions brings Facebook Messenger-like suggestions to every app

  • This service takes advantage of its AppNext Timeline technology, which was unveiled in February of this year.
  • According to Natanson, the technology is being integrated into fifteen different applications, all with large, multi-million user audiences.
  • AppNext Actions is also integrated into DailyHunt (formerly NewsHunt), a popular Indian content curation service, with as many as 90 million users.
  • AppNext Actions allows them to monetize their applications, while offering a service to users they might actually want to use.
  • AppNext Actions will suggest the user take a taxi.

AppNext Actions is M Suggestions, but for everything on your phone.
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AI Revolution

#AI revolution: 20 key business findings #CIO #CMO

  • To better understand the AI revolution in business, Salesforce Research compiled insights from previous studies, capturing input from 10,800 respondents from sales, services and marketing leaders and 7,000 consumers and business buyers around the globe.
  • AI steps into the business strategy spotlight: while a minority of businesses currently use AI, interest in the technology (machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, smart data discovery, etc) is pervasive and planned adoption is strong.
  • AI use cases span sales, service, and marketing: AI has the potential to become as ubiquitous as electricity or cloud computing.
  • All lines of business are starting to view AI as technology that can improve customer engagement, improve employee productivity and ultimately accelerate digital transformation and business growth (revenue).
  • The power of AI is the ability to gain more knowledge from data, and to augment sales, service and marketing intelligence to help accelerate and bolster a company’s ability to improve stakeholder (employees, partners and customers) performance and experience.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) could double annual economic growth rates by 2035. – Accenture
According to Accenture, In five years, more than half …
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Xix.#ai wants to save you wasted time on your Android phone

  • A more seamless and automated experience is what almost every Silicon Valley company has attempted to produce over the last number of years, but a new company self-proclaimed as thinks they can eliminate wasted time on your mobile device better than anyone else using a technology they like to call a ‘Recurrent Neural Network’.
  • The company says it wants to use embedded deep links to automate your processes that would normally take a number of actions, and can make almost everything you do on your device that much more seamless and integrated.
  • It started with dedicated apps that took information about your usage process while providing a service in return, and eventually created an Android launcher to help express the benefits of the technology.
  • One of the early apps logged what you were doing and in return restricted access to certain apps at various selected times, which was useful for those looking to stay productive while helping the AI to learn what people do and in what order, which eventually transformed into an Android launcher that had the neural network built in, and would ask users how they were feeling in order to show suggested apps.
  • It isn’t sure exactly where the final home of the technology will reside, whether it be in an Android launcher or a whole separate fork of Android all together, but they are quite confident that they will find an investor interested in their technology. is a self-proclaimed ‘Recurrent Neural Network’ platform which aims to help people save wasted time on their phones by automating various processes.
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Customer Decision Hub: Predicting Buyer Behavior

Why wait? Pega's customers are using #AI, #MachineLearning and #CRM – today.

  • Apply predictive intelligence to every business decision.
  • We’ve got 50 percent of our conversations in branch driven by data.
  • Harness a single, intelligent decision authority that unifies decision management consistently and coherently across all channels.
  • Personalize every action across all channels to maximize the value of each decision.
  • Self-learning models fueled by contextual data improve inflight interactions in real-time.

Use customer and buyer behaviors and analytics to predict the next best action for their experience using Pega’s Customer Decision Hub.
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Slack is watching how you work

Slack is watching how you work

  • The lieutenant governor is sitting down with Kara Swisher at the Code Enterprise conference.
  • “What we’re starting to build is what we’re internally calling our work graph,” Noah Weiss, Slack’s head of search and intelligence, said at the Code Enterprise conference in San Francisco on Tuesday.
  • The idea may be a little creepy, but Weiss believes Slack can eliminate a lot of the wasted time that people spend trying to locate information or prioritize their time.
  • “Most knowledge work is a game of telephone,” Weiss said.
  • The service will already make channel recommendations to some users, and Weiss says it’s starting to test message rankings, too, so that people know who to respond to first when they’re in a time pinch.

The company wants to use AI to simplify your work conversations.
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How Salesforce Is Bringing AI to the Channel

#AI Is Becoming a Reality for the Channel

  • How Salesforce Is Bringing AI to the Channel
  • While vendors are likely to embrace artificial intelligence capabilities with enthusiasm, it will only be a matter of time before AI technologies start to cut both ways in the channel.
  • Channel partners will be able to employ Einstein to instantly identify what combination of products and services will, for example, yield the most profit for them.
  • The future of the channel might very well be defined as a contest between competing algorithms.
  • Instead of a PRM application, there will inevitably be a vendor relationship management (VRM) application infused with AI capabilities.

A new instance of Salesforce’s PRM software delivered as a service integrates the company’s Einstein AI engine and aims to transform how channels are managed.
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The ‘Google Brain’ is a real thing but very few people have seen it

'@Google Brain' is a real thing but very few people have seen it  #BigData #machinelearning

  • “And we have something called Google Brain, where we do our machine learning with special processors.
  • One little known fact: Google’s data centers and the Google Brain are not painted in “Google colors,” the primary colors, popular with pre-schoolers, that are used for Google’s products and the sprawling Googleplex HQ.
  • And there’s the Google Brain,” she says, describing seeing it behind those double doors.
  • Inside the data centers, the servers use LED lights, so they kinda of glow, just like you’d imagine a massive computer brain – one that is getting smarter all the time – to look.
  • Google has built a team of machine learning researchers that call themselves the Google Brain Team.

The entire tech industry is racing to build artificial intelligence and machine learning…
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Creating #AI that thrives in procedurally-generated worlds


  • Current subscribers with access issues can contact GDC Vault technical support .
  • Video: Creating AI that thrives in procedurally-generated worlds
  • To make the worlds come alive you need to build AI that can realistically inhabit them, and that’s no easy feat.
  • Those who purchased All Access passes to recent events like GDC, GDC Europe, and GDC Next already have full access to GDC Vault, and interested parties can apply for the individual subscription via a GDC Vault subscription page .
  • Group subscriptions are also available: game-related schools and development studios who sign up for GDC Vault Studio Subscriptions can receive access for their entire office or company by contacting staff via the GDC Vault group subscription page .

At GDC 2016, Damian Isla and John Abercrombie discuss how they’ve made game AI (The Flame and the Flood, Fortnite) that can adapt and thrive in both procedurally-generated and user-generated spaces.
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