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  • Here’s one that was presented recently at a talk by one of Amazon’s top Machine Learning people:Artificial Intelligence: A system or service which can perform tasks that usually require human intelligenceThis is a fairly common way to define it.
  • Here’s a similar formulation from Nathan Benaich in his post 6 areas of AI and machine learning to watch closely:The ultimate goal of AI […] is to build machines capable of performing tasks and cognitive functions that are otherwise only within the scope of human intelligence.One problem with this definition is that it means the state of being an instance of Artificial Intelligence is temporary.
  • Just look at all the “What is the difference between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?”
  • Really, why should Machine Learning be defined in relation to AI?The slippery definition issue above can be looked at as follows: it is the term “Artificial Intelligence” looking for things to refer to.
  • This is no more true now than it was 50 years ago but many smart people are utterly convinced of it.The term “Artificial Intelligence” has been around since the early days of computer science, when “thinking machines” were seen as the natural next step after programming basic logic.

The internet is awash with stories about something called Artificial Intelligence. Confusion around what it is is prompting many to proffer definitions of it, or corrections of wrong definitions…
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An #AI-Run Hedge Fund Has Created a #Cryptocurrency for its Human Data Scientists

In 2013, the FBI shut down privacy-focused email service TorMail, and searched its server’s contents. It turns out, the DEA wanted some access too. Law enforcement agents, for better or worse, will use whatever data they can get their hands on. In 2013, the FBI shut down TorMail, a privacy-focused email service hosted on the so-called […]
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Machine Intelligence Will Let Us All Work Like CEOs

Machine Intelligence Will Let Us All Work Like CEOs  #ai

  • Machine Intelligence Will Let Us All Work Like CEOs
  • More and more products and services will fuse machine intelligence with crowd work to help users get things done.
  • Most knowledge workers spend less than half of their time doing things they’re really good at (i.e., what they’ve been hired to do).
  • With help from the agents, we’ll be able to look as smart as those CEOs do today.
  • Within five years, most executives at any size company – and most knowledge workers – will have tools that do much of the work of a CEO’s private coterie.

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Get ready for a team of automated assistants.

Machine Intelligence Will Let Us All Work Like CEOs