Intel AI helped create a music video

Its art 📽️
Intel #AI Helped Create An Amazing #Music Video

  • This is something of an ideal situation for the AI: the effects shots all involve relatively still, uncluttered views of Lee’s face, and the producers clearly aren’t striving for absolute realism.
  • Even so, the Intel technology hints at how AI may shape special effects in videos going forward.

AI is increasingly finding its way into music videos, and not necessarily in obvious ways. Intel has revealed that the promo clip for Chinese pop star Chris Le…
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Bridging the Mental Healthcare Gap With Artificial Intelligence

Bridging the Mental Healthcare Gap With #ArtificialIntelligence & chatbots  #xmed

  • The fact that a single injection of ketamine can normalise these circuits proves the point I am more inclined to hope that AI and quantum computing can discover how to make that single ketamine treatment result in a permanent normalisation of the underlying processes and receptor configurations.
  • And there is the part of Tess being scalable and exponentially improving.
  • “It’s a Powerful Time to Reshape Healthcare Across the Planet” – October 9, 2016
  • We also employ psychologists ourselves who are creating the content of Tess in the first place.
  • X2AI calls Tess a “psychological AI.”

Artificial intelligence is learning to take on an increasing number of sophisticated tasks. Google Deepmind’s AI is now able to imitate human speech, and just this past August IBM’s Watson successfully diagnosed a rare case of leukemia.
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