Senate set to approve self-driving cars for US roadways

Senate set to approve self-driving cars for US roadways

  • The US Senate today announced it had reached an agreement internally concerning self-driving car technology.
  • The Senate is expected to pass legislation on October 4th that would clear regulations and restrictions for manufacturers, in essence providing a clear path to putting driverless cars on the road.
  • The House passed legislation this summer in a bipartisan effort to ensure the US remains at the cutting-edge of driverless car development.
  • Earlier this year the the US Department of Transportation, in conjunction with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, released its updated guidelines for self-driving cars.
  • In the document, a series of safety considerations are provided to manufacturers with explicit mention that State governments should not regulate self-driving cars: – – NHTSA strongly encourages States not to codify this Voluntary Guidance (that is, incorporate it into State statutes) as a legal requirement for any phases of…

US Senators today announced and agreement to pass legislation that approves driverless cars on US roadways, to be voted on in October.
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Star Trek IBM’s Watson to Power Bridge Crew VR Interactive Speech Experience

IBM's Watson to Power Bridge Crew #VR Interactive Speech Experience  #ai

  • IBM’s Watson will power in-game voice command for Ubisoft’s upcoming release of Star Trek: Bridge Crew during an experimental Beta period later this summer following the game’s launch on May 30.
  • In-game speech experiences, built with IBM Watson for Star Trek: Bridge Crew will be available this summer in Beta for cross-platform play.
  • The Watson and Star Trek: Bridge Crew partnership will allow players to give direct, interactive speech commands to virtual Starfleet shipmates.
  • “For the first time, Watson will power the technology that makes it possible for gamers and fans of Star Trek to interact with the crew,” said Willie Tejada, Chief Developer Advocate, IBM.
  • For more information visit Star Trek: Bridge Crew and IBM VR Speech Sandbox.

Star Trek News – IBM’s Watson to power Bridge Crew VR interactive speech experience and make code available to all developers. Details at… 
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