Artificial Intelligence Helps in Learning How Children Learn

Artificial intelligence helps in learning how children learn

  • Researchers in artificial intelligence and machine learning have started to design software that allows computers to learn about causes the way that scientists do.
  • In one experiment, we showed preschool children a simple machine with a switch on one side and two disks that spin on top.
  • Bayesian inference considers both the strength of new evidence and the strength of your existing hypotheses.
  • Both toddlers and scientists hold on to well-confirmed hypotheses, but eventually enough new evidence can overturn even the most cherished idea.
  • Several studies show that youngsters integrate existing knowledge and new evidence in this way.

Alison Gopnik, author of “ Making AI Human ” in Scientific American ’s June issue describes the use of Bayesian statistics to outline how youngsters infer the basics of cause and effect.
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