Top 10 Machine Learning Algorithms

Top 10 [or Top 55] #MachineLearning Algorithms:  #abdsc #BigData #DataScience #DataMining

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  • In 2006 , the IEEE Conference on Data Mining identified the top 10 ML algorithms as
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  • The algorithms are described in the article What you wont learn in statistics classes .
  • Algorithms from graph theory (to find the shortest path in a graph, or to detect connected components), from operations research (the simplex, to optimize the supply chain), or from time series, are not listed either.

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@KirkDBorne: “Top 10 [or Top 55] #MachineLearning Algorithms: #abdsc #BigData #DataScience #DataMining”

This was the subject of a question asked on Quora: What are the top 10 data mining or machine learning algorithms?
Some modern algorithms such as collaborative…

Top 10 Machine Learning Algorithms