Large Scale Machine Learning for Payment Fraud Prevention Recorded at:

How advanced #machinelearning algorithms are applied at @PayPal for #fraud prevention. 


  • Venkatesh Ramanathan is a senior data scientist at PayPal where he is working on building state-of-the-art tools for payment fraud detection.
  • Venkatesh has worked on various problems in the areas of Anti-Spam, Phishing Detection, and Face Recognition.
  • Data Science is an emerging field that allows businesses to effectively mine historical data and better understand consumer behavior.
  • This type of scientific data management approach is critical for any business to successfully launch its products and better serve its existing markets.

Venkatesh Ramanathan presents how advanced machine learning algorithms such as Deep Learning and Gradient Boosting are applied at PayPal for fraud prevention.
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AI Revolution

#AI revolution: 20 key business findings #CIO #CMO

  • To better understand the AI revolution in business, Salesforce Research compiled insights from previous studies, capturing input from 10,800 respondents from sales, services and marketing leaders and 7,000 consumers and business buyers around the globe.
  • AI steps into the business strategy spotlight: while a minority of businesses currently use AI, interest in the technology (machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, smart data discovery, etc) is pervasive and planned adoption is strong.
  • AI use cases span sales, service, and marketing: AI has the potential to become as ubiquitous as electricity or cloud computing.
  • All lines of business are starting to view AI as technology that can improve customer engagement, improve employee productivity and ultimately accelerate digital transformation and business growth (revenue).
  • The power of AI is the ability to gain more knowledge from data, and to augment sales, service and marketing intelligence to help accelerate and bolster a company’s ability to improve stakeholder (employees, partners and customers) performance and experience.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) could double annual economic growth rates by 2035. – Accenture
According to Accenture, In five years, more than half …
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PwC: Five Global Shifts Reshaping the World

8 disruptive #tech:

1 #AI
2 #IoT
3 #blockchain
4 drones
5 robots
6 AR
7 VR
8 3D #CIO

  • Every business will be a digital business and there are essential technologies that will drive digital business transformation.
  • We are getting older by 30 years compared to 100 years ago.
  • We will be automating more of our life and expanding our personas in the digital economy.
  • Five global megatrends shaping the future
  • For more insights on the five global megatrends, I highly encourage you watch our video conversation and to follow Quindazzi on Twitter – he is a fantastic and prolific social thought leader.

According to PwC, there are five global shifts reshaping the world and their implications for organizations, industries and wider society will be signifi…
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Your People’s Brains Need Face Time

#fintech #insurtech remember

#AI, #robots & #chatbots? Brains Need Face Time!


  • Team members see how much the company is investing in bringing them together.”
  • Team members are reminded of their colleagues’ humanity and learn to respect and better understand each other in ways that don’t materialize when they only engage remotely.
  • A team becomes more productive and cohesive as a result.
  • The technology that supports virtual meetings and dispersed teams is only getting better and less expensive.
  • A couple of years back, one of the teams decided to meet in-person about halfway through.

Dispersed teams trust more and function better when exposed to their colleagues’ non-verbal cues, best communicated in-person.
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Ideas for life

How can we use #AI to change the world? Read Vinod Kumar's new blog from #CEOSummit 2016:

  • The team realised that with the use of intelligent systems the world could operate an entire economy underpinned by the value of water.
  • “Water for life” chose to address the worldwide shortage of water and believed that AI held some of the answers.
  • Tags: ceo summit , Collaboration , connected world , CSR , executive , global business , innovation , moonwalk , Tata Communications
  • So the Water for Life team conceived of a system where people, businesses and governments were awarded credits for the good husbanding of water while those who wasted it received debits.
  • Vinod Kumar is Managing Director of Tata Communications Limited and CEO of Tata Communications Limited Group, part of the $96.79 billion Tata Group.

Last month’s CEO Summit in Ascot concluded with the CEO Hackathon.  This came after an intensive 24 hours in which approx. 50 CEOs were informed about the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence and debated what must be done to ensure AI has a positive impact on business and society.
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