Self-driving car startup now valued at $1.5B

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  • An early computer rendering of Zoox’s Boz sports car, in which passengers face each other as the car drives itself.
  • IHS Automotive has predicted that by 2025 there will be 300,000 self-driving cars and just as many driverless vehicles on the road; by 2030, there will be 2.2 million self-driving and driverless cars on the road; and by 2035, there will be 11 million self-driving and 10 million driverless vehicles in operation.
  • is not a self-driving car any more than the automobile is a horseless carriage.
  • As the auto industry races toward shipping fully autonomous vehicles, self-driving technology startups have become attractive acquisition targets for traditional automakers and others.
  • Ford Motor Co. plans to begin mass producing a fully autonomous vehicle by 2021 that it will sell for ride-hailing markets such as Uber.

Zoox Labs, a two-year old Silicon Valley autonomous vehicle start-up, just raised another $50 million in investment funding, which skyrocketed the company’s market value to $1.5 billion even before it’s shipped a single car.
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Tesla update forces you to keep your hands on the wheel… or else

Tesla update forces you to keep your hands on the wheel... or else

  • Tesla Motors started pushing a software update to its Autopilot system that disables automatic steering for drivers that aren’t paying attention.
  • Tesla sees it as a feature meant to ‘aid’ a driver, not take over completely.
  • Tesla has come under fire recently after a handful of accidents, at least one fatal, caused by its Autopilot system.
  • New updates will reign in expectation a bit by warning the driver three times to place their hands on the wheel before automatic steering disengages and refuses to reengage until the car is parked.
  • Tesla update forces you to keep your hands on the wheel

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