CrowdChat: Deep learning and Apache Spark

Join @JamesKobielus Wednesday to chat about #SparkDeepLearning:

  • Join our CrowdChat about deep learning and Apache Spark to find out what’s going on in the world of Spark-and what’s coming up.
  • The CrowdChat, hosted by @IBMBigData , will bring together subject matter experts who will focus on the latest tech and trends in deep learning as well as their overlap with Apache Spark.
  • A CrowdChat simply organizes tweets into streams of conversation.
  • You’ll even be able to vote for your favorite comments so that they can be featured more prominently in the conversation.
  • If the event will be your first experience with CrowdChat, don’t worry.

In this CrowdChat, join 11 experts from inside and outside IBM as you take part in a group exploration of the issues and possibilities that arise at the conjunction of Apache Spark and deep learning.
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Trump Twitter bot creator tells Newsweek how he’s using AI to out-Trump the Donald

Deep-learning Twitterbot talks like Trump, raises $ for @GirlsWhoCode:  #debatenight

  • Donald Trump Twitter Bot Announces Candidacy for President
  • The success of the bot led to Hayes wanting to use it for something positive.
  • It is not the first instance of Twitter bots appearing in the build up to the presidential elections.
  • DeepDrumpf will be tweeting throughout the final presidential debate and Hayes says it could soon have company.
  • Given that the bot is spouting ridiculous phrases, that should bother anyone familiar with the underpinnings of American democracy…I think that should be somewhat concerning.”

The DeepDrumpf creator explains what drives his bot’s campaign for president.
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Zeta – Next Gen Enterprise Architecture

Zeta – Next Gen Enterprise Architecture | #MachineLearning #Business #RT

  • Solution Architecture – focuses on solving specific business problems, and combines one or more applications built to deliver the complete solution.
  • There are several benefits to implementing a Zeta Architecture in your organization
  • We determined that we would have significantly more agility by implementing the Zeta Architecture with MapR, which will allow us to better serve customers in a more real-time and cost-effective way.”
  • Strata Barcelona: 6/5/2015 “Using the Zeta Architecture: To become a hero” View
  • Zeta Architecture: Hexagon is the new circle Read

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