These programmers taught an AI how to understand tattoos

These programmers taught an #AI how to understand tattoos

  • The process involved using a deep-learning framework called Caffe, and feeding it data-sets with images representative of different tattoo styles.
  • Once the initial training session was complete, the AI could identify the style of a tattoo with pretty impressive accuracy.
  • While the AI isn’t implemented into the app yet (they’re still feeding it data) they intend to finish training the AI then go forward from there.
  • AI will help us to classify the remaining 250k pictures… Classification is really important for us because, based on it, we can show users personalized feeds depending on what styles they like, what artists they follow, what those artists are specialized in, etc.
  • Without AI to sort images, a person has to view each one, decide what style it represents, tag the image, and then create hashtags so that other users can find it.

A pair of developers at Tattoodo developed a neural-network capable of processing pictures of tattoos and determining the style of the ink in the images.
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