Xix.ai wants to save you wasted time on your Android phone

Xix.#ai wants to save you wasted time on your Android phone

  • A more seamless and automated experience is what almost every Silicon Valley company has attempted to produce over the last number of years, but a new company self-proclaimed as Xix.ai thinks they can eliminate wasted time on your mobile device better than anyone else using a technology they like to call a ‘Recurrent Neural Network’.
  • The company says it wants to use embedded deep links to automate your processes that would normally take a number of actions, and can make almost everything you do on your device that much more seamless and integrated.
  • It started with dedicated apps that took information about your usage process while providing a service in return, and eventually created an Android launcher to help express the benefits of the technology.
  • One of the early apps logged what you were doing and in return restricted access to certain apps at various selected times, which was useful for those looking to stay productive while helping the AI to learn what people do and in what order, which eventually transformed into an Android launcher that had the neural network built in, and would ask users how they were feeling in order to show suggested apps.
  • It isn’t sure exactly where the final home of the technology will reside, whether it be in an Android launcher or a whole separate fork of Android all together, but they are quite confident that they will find an investor interested in their technology.

Xix.ai is a self-proclaimed ‘Recurrent Neural Network’ platform which aims to help people save wasted time on their phones by automating various processes.
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