Artificial Intelligence Is Changing How We Shop Online

How #AI is changing the way we do our shopping online:

  • These deep learning algorithms have been used in the autonomous driving industry for quite some time, and only now is it beginning to branch out into other industries, such as online shopping.
  • One company that offers machine learning solutions for e-commerce businesses and others is Adobe Marketing Cloud as they recognize the need to make use of AI as early as possible.
  • Andrew Zhai is an engineer working on the visual search side of things at Pinterest, and he said, “For shopping specifically, improvements to online discovery means new ways to find products you’re interested in but may not have the words for.
  • Etsy is also keen to jump onboard with deep learning technology, and just last fall purchased Blackbird Technologies to integrate the firm image recognition and natural language processing into its search function.
  • Some of Adobe’s marketing tools also use deep learning techniques and are used to predict their customer’s shopping behaviors and patterns.

There’s no doubt about it that our future is one that involves artificial intelligence (AI) in a big way. While some companies are faster than others at
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