These programmers taught an AI how to understand tattoos

These programmers taught an #AI how to understand tattoos

  • The process involved using a deep-learning framework called Caffe, and feeding it data-sets with images representative of different tattoo styles.
  • Once the initial training session was complete, the AI could identify the style of a tattoo with pretty impressive accuracy.
  • While the AI isn’t implemented into the app yet (they’re still feeding it data) they intend to finish training the AI then go forward from there.
  • AI will help us to classify the remaining 250k pictures… Classification is really important for us because, based on it, we can show users personalized feeds depending on what styles they like, what artists they follow, what those artists are specialized in, etc.
  • Without AI to sort images, a person has to view each one, decide what style it represents, tag the image, and then create hashtags so that other users can find it.

A pair of developers at Tattoodo developed a neural-network capable of processing pictures of tattoos and determining the style of the ink in the images.
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Facebook opens its advanced AI vision tech to everyone

Facebook opens its advanced #AI vision tech to everyone

  • In a statement, Facebook said that computer vision could be used for anything from searching for images with just a few keywords (think Google Photos) to helping those with vision loss understand what’s in a photo.
  • One of the reasons Facebook is so excited about computer vision is that visual content has exploded on the site in the past few years.
  • Privacy groups call foul on WhatsApp sharing data with Facebook
  • As a company, we care more about using AI than owning AI,” says Larry Zitnick, a research manager at FAIR. “
  • It’s critical to understand not just what’s in the image, but where it is,” says Zitnick about what it would take for augmented reality applications to take off.

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@RickKing16: “Facebook opens its advanced #AI vision tech to everyone”

Over the past two years, Facebook’s artificial intelligence research team (also known as FAIR) has been hard at work figuring out how to make computer vision as…

Facebook opens its advanced AI vision tech to everyone