Data Is The New Oil

“The value of data goes up every day #AI advances.” - Watson's @davidwkenny  @FortuneMagazine

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  • Companies that want to use artificial intelligence techniques like machine learning algorithms to improve their businesses will need to either have or acquire copious amounts of data, which will only become more valuable as the field of AI advances.
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  • “Data will become a currency,” Kenny said.
  • “Data is the new oil,” Shivon Zilis, a partner with the venture capital firm Bloomberg Beta, said about data’s increasing value.

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@IBMWatson: ““The value of data goes up every day #AI advances.” – Watson’s @davidwkenny @FortuneMagazine”

Artificial experts from IBM, MIT, and Bloomberg Beta explained the importance of data at Fortune’s Brainstorm Technology conference.

Data Is The New Oil