Time to Accept Artificial Intelligence as Part of the Family?

Time to accept #ArtificialIntelligence as part of the family!   #AI #Tech

  • By now, many of us have heard about or might even own one of the popular, sleek multi-functional voice-first devices, such as the Amazon Echo, also known as “Alexa”, the name used when waking the device to give a verbal command.
  • This joke is terrible for many reasons, not the least of which is that I ended up anthropomorphized a digital device, which may be one of the biggest issues with this devices.
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    First, according to Voice Labs Voice Report for 2017, 6.5 million voice-first devices — defined as an always-on piece of hardware utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) with primarily a voice interface, both for input and output — were shipped in 2016.

  • Here are predictions for the strategies of just the big players:

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    The crazy thing is that even with the potential for 24 million devices to be in our homes soon, the potential impact still remains remarkably unclear.

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    One thing is for certain, the popularity of these devices is certain to grow.

Millions of households are welcoming these new voice-first home assistant devices into and as part of their families — even with all the uncertainties and unintended consequences.

@MASERGY: Time to accept #ArtificialIntelligence as part of the family! #AI #Tech

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Time to Accept Artificial Intelligence as Part of the Family?